"HD" DLC — Naruto: Kunoichi Trainer

The "HD" DLC is an add-on for the game Kunoichi Trainer that doubles the size of the images. Instead of the standard resolution of 1280x720, a new resolution of 2560x1400 will be used, which improves the game's graphics and makes it more colorful and detailed. This is especially noticeable when playing in full-screen mode on a PC.

Thanks to this add-on you can enjoy more vivid graphics during the game. Each element will have more detail and a clearer outline. Images and textures look more realistic and the game world feels more alive.


How to install


Put the HD.rpa file in the Kunoichi Trainer/game folder


Put the HD.rpa file in the KunoichiTrainer.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/game folder


Put the file HD.rpa in the Android/data/com.dinaki.kt/files/game folder. If the game folder does not exist, create it.